A primary feature of kitchens that may not be evident at first glance is the work triangle, with points at the stove, refrigerator and sink. The triangle can actually be rather large, but those components should all be within a few steps of each other. That way, the person doing meal preparation doesn’t grow tired with having to walk from one point of the triangle to another over and over. With countertops and cabinets placed strategically in and around this area, the work space is entirely effective. Homeowners who realize that their kitchen floor plan is not efficient might want to talk with a renovation expert at an organization such as anglia kb.

This work triangle can be improved further by storing nonperishable food in cabinets close to the refrigerator. Food items used infrequently or bought in quantity for later use might be stored in a pantry that isn’t within the triangle. Pots and pans can be stored near the stove, making them easy to grab for cooking. Dishes, glasses and utensils can be placed in drawers and cupboards near the sink and dishwasher so they are easy to return to their proper places after washing. If possible, there shouldn’t be much foot traffic from other household members and guests through the work triangle. That means the refrigerator and snack cupboards need to be near an entryway.

Designers at anglia kitchens can help homeowners with even the most difficult kitchen spaces. Generally, homes built in the first half of the 20th century and beforehand have the biggest problems with kitchen design. For example, a homeowner might like the size of the large kitchen, but might be struggling with a sink situated at the opposite end of the room from the refrigerator and stove.

That makes meal preparation and cleanup taxing. Another may have a small kitchen that has only one long wall and a somewhat tiny wall branching off from that. Skilled interior designers can still create an effective work triangle from those existing kitchen styles if the homeowners are ready for some modifications to the plumbing and any built-in components.